General English

The ELICOS course comprises of General English, which is a 60-week duration course which at the same time are further subdivided into the following levels (all are offered at Melbourne College of Business and Technology): – General English I (Proficiency Level – Elementary) – General English II Proficiency Level – Pre-Intermediate) – General English III (Proficiency Level – Intermediate) – General English IV (Proficiency Level – Upper-Intermediate) – General English V (Proficiency Level – Advanced)

This course is designed for candidates over 18 years old. It is designed for a formal classroom setting; the methodology and content are directed to adults from different backgrounds who are willing to improve their English as a second language knowledge and proficiency for General or Academic purposes. This includes the notion that language learning is a conscious process, and that learning, and acquisition of language can arise from interaction both with others and with materials

Learners may be on any visa that allows study. We expect the majority of students to be on a valid student visa (subclass 500), however we also welcome those on a working holiday or visitor visa with appropriate study conditions. There could be a possibility that an intended learner might return back to his/her own country, however we other students may be planning to move permanently to Australia or perhaps to other English-speaking countries . .

Experiences from current practice suggest that while current age group is in their twenties, though we welcome all prospective learners to enrol with us who are aged 18 years and over. We will also welcome all learners of all adult ages, including retirees. We also take care of people, who requires additional assistance or require special needs. . .

Duration and length of the course may vary from student to student. The course is open for people who want to study for 1 week or 60 weeks (not including holidays) or anything in between, though given the nature of the level, 5 weeks of the course is highly recommended. There could be strong possibility where student could spend more time in General English level, before they move to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) level (not offered at Melbourne College of Business and Technology) or into VET course

Course Details

Provider Name  -> Melbourne College of Business and

RTO Code
  -> 45217

CRICOS Code  -> 099309E

Location of course  -> Suite 3 , level 9 , 190 queen street , Melbourne 3000

Delivery mode -> Face to face (Classroom based)

Duration -> 6 weeks, including 22 study weeks and
4 weeks of holidays

Study load -> 20 hours per week in the classroom